The Wholesale Business Of Selling To 3rd Party Retailers Is Inefficient And That Inefficiency Is Paid For By You, The Customer, In The Form Of High Prices.

It started with a question, “What if we built a vertical apparels brand that made high-quality products and sold it direct to the consumer at a value price?” Aman Majithia left his job in the spring of 2016 to start his own business. He never expected to work in the fashion industry but his passion for great design and frustration with the lack of innovation in the retail space lead him to build Vataly.  

 We are a young team in a competitive space, the thing that motivates us everyday—we love our basics—but what really gets us up in the morning is building a business that can scale, be profitable and do good in the world without charging a premium for it. 

 We do make small bets in areas that might seem speculative to larger retail brands. Yes! We’re worried as to what people will think of our mission, but when you want to change the way things work you need to do things that make others uncomfortable. Providing value to our customers is what matters most to us.

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