Tradition, rigor and constant stylistic research are the elements that best exemplify the timeless style of a brand that has written its own story through minimal and sophisticated collections. Aman Majithia founded Vataly in 2017, he never expected to work in the fashion industry but his passion for great design and frustration with the lack of innovation in the retail space lead him to build Vataly.

Our approach to the fashion industry is unorthodox, with an unconventional spirit and the “no-logo” philosophy. Vataly produces everything it sells from scratch. We choose which fabrics to buy, what colours to dye them with, and what clothing to make and make them in the same facility the luxury brands use. We educate our customers, by exposing our own production and costing with the mark-ups.

Vataly hopes to strike a cord with consumers who want more information on where and what conditions their clothes are made (the intelligent customer).

We are a young team in a competitive space, the thing that motivates us everyday—we love our basics— We do make small bets in areas that might seem speculative to larger retail brands. Yes! We’re worried as to what people will think of our mission, but when you want to change the way things work you need to do things that others wouldn’t dare to do.

Providing value to our customers is what matters most to us.

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