It's not what you do or How you make it, It's about why you do it. That's What's most IMPORTANT.
Job Title: Content and Copy Lead
Location: Mumbai, INDIA
Qualification: 1-2 years of brand/storytelling experience for a brand. Existing network of relationships in different social communities. Strong understanding of building brands with social media. Ability to understand what works and doesn’t to quickly adapt.
Job Description: You will oversee our content strategy and copywriting, and build Vataly into a globally recognised brand. We are looking to expand, with powerful stories that firmly establish Vataly as a leader in the transparency movement and create a lifestyle that supports our values. Great writing and editing skills are a must, but we’re especially interested in candidates who understand how to structure messages for the online customer — someone who can distil complex stories into clear, impactful content that people will want to read. You will lead the effort in generating unique ideas that are highly visceral and shareable. Your ideas will support product launches, general brand storytelling, and social campaigns. To do this, you will work in-stride with all teams and own a detailed calendar with key stakeholders. Do send us a link to your Instagram page with the application.

Job Title: Social Media Coordinator

Location: Mumbai

Qualification: 1-2 years of email-focused and paid marketing experience. Ability to examine data and understand user behaviour to identify opportunities for growth. Previous experience with A/B testing and quantitative analysis. Highly analytical with a marketing oriented mind.

Job Description : Someone who is energetic and data-driven marketer to join our team to oversee the strategic testing and delivery for all email communication, and to manage our growing paid marketing budget. Working on the team, you’ll partner directly with the Creative, Marketing, and Engineering teams to develop a strategy and execute on a vision for email and paid marketing. You will ensure that every step is running smoothly and on time. Do send us a link to your Instagram page with the application.

Job Title: VATALY Ambassador (Internship)
Location: Mumbai

Qualification: Passionate about helping people, ambitious and self-motivated. Exceptional communicator (best in your group) and very organised. Autonomous, self-managed, and resourceful. Eagerness to learn and able to juggle multiple tasks and quickly adapt to new situations.

Job Description: We’re looking for bright, affable go-getters who can’t get enough of VATALY. Sound like you? Apply for our VATALY Ambassador Program—a three-month internship program for customers who love our brand and want to be a part of it. You’ll be talking to VATALY customers and representing our brand at our Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad events. Right now, this job is unpaid, but you’ll be compensated with good times, valuable experience, behind-the-scenes access, and, of course, some beautiful VATALY swag. If you’re a design or marketing student who loves to help people, this is a perfect gig for you. Must have a flexible schedule. Email us at [email protected] and send us a link to your Instagram page.

Job Title: Accountant
Location: Mumbai

Qualification: Experience with detailed inventory and COGS accounting. Extreme attention to detail: nothing slips through the cracks. Excel skills for days. A passion for minimalist design and a new way of retail

Job Description: VATALY is seeking an Accounting Lead to build our strategic accounting team. You will play a critical role in budgeting, reporting, and planning to drive business performance. You will be our first full-time accounting hire and will be responsible for managing our outsourced accounting team. Going forward, you will recruit and manage a strategic accounting team to scale VATALY’s reporting functions into the future. Success at this job will rest on your ability to use accounting theory and Excel skills to improve efficiency in all areas of the business. Experience with inventory accounting is critical as you will be building systems for the future of retail. This position reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Job Title: Customer Experience
Location: Mumbai

Qualification: You’ll work alone every shift so you must be autonomous, self-managed and resourceful. Resume and application is 100% free of spelling or grammar errors. You’re ready to work weekends, and are available in during holidays without special time off.

Job Description: VATALY needs empathetic problem solvers for our Customer Experience team. Our ideal candidate is someone with social intuition that knows when it’s right to make an exception. You will handle all customer inquiries. You will give sizing advice, handle damaged products, and track down packages. We take each email case by case. It’s the perfect gig for someone who wants to contribute to a fast-growing design brand.

Job Title: Name Your Job

Location: Mumbai
Qualification: Interested in joining VATALY, but don’t see the right job posting? We want you to speak up! Tell us your story, write your job description, and let us know how you would spend your first 90 days by answering the questions below. (Given that we’re not actively searching for your position, we encourage you to be convincing.)

Job Description: The Job: Name it? The Qualification: Name them? What will you do in the first 90 days? Why do you want to work with VATALY? Attach your Instagram URL to the email you send.

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