The Striped Shirts -



  Model is 5’11’’ wearing size M.

  Slim Fit.

  100% Cotton.

  Price Per Meter : Rs. 276 Total Cost of Fabric Per Shirt (incld. qty of Shirts made) : Rs. 414, Sewing Thread 100% Cotton Price per cone : Rs. 560, Estimated Cost Per Shirt : Rs. 36, Buttons : Rs. 8, Brand Label (Heat Sticker) : Rs. 0.50, Pattern Development Cost : Rs. 160, Gradation: Rs. 6.5, Total Cost of Shirt : Rs. 625, Samples made before approval: 4, Vataly 2X Markup : Staff, research, design, utility cost, transportation, office supplies, web-shop, operations, rent, insurance, communications, maintenance cost, legal and accounting costs and marketing.

  Made in Bengaluru, India See the factory

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Because this is cotton, it too will keep you cool in dry heat & humidity. The Fabric often comes in a higher thread count, which means it’s a finer weave & more breathable.


Navy Stripe, Persian Stripe


S, M, L, XL, XXL